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This is a LiveJournal Community devoted to all forms of body modifications - piercing, tattoos, scarification - everything. Not for the trendy, please.

Community Rules:
1. This is NOT a community for people to get opinions on "what should I pierce/tattoo next?" If you can't decide on your own you don't need to be here. Try piercingopinion.

2. This is not a community to promote OTHER communities. There are places on LJ to do that. If you join the community simply to make a post about joining another community, that post will be deleted.

3.If you are going to include photos, please put them under an LJ cut if they are bigger than 375x500 pixels, or contain anything that is nsfw (not safe for work), and label it as such so people aren't going 'wtf boobs' as their boss walks by.

4. Before you make an entry, please take a look at the memories section, as your question may have already been answered. They haven't been updated in a long time, but many questions that get asked commonly are in there.

5. Don't be a jerk! This community is all-inclusive, which means we do not chastise people for self-piercing, cutting, or stretching. If someone is doing something you believe is unsafe, you may tell them so - nicely. I don't want to see the words 'stupid', 'idiot', 'moron', or anything of that sort. Comments that are rude and unrelated/unnecessary will be deleted, and repeat offenders may be removed from the community.

If you have any questions or if a problem arises, please contact blackbird__fly: blackbird__fly(at)livejournal.com

Please note: posting in this community is moderated. So if your post does not show up immediately, it means it has not yet been through the moderation queue. It should be moderated by myself or the other mod within a day or two, if not sooner, so please don't be impatient and post your entry again.

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