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Mom & Totoro tattoos

I got a new tattoo yesterday! So, I'm including a tattoo that I got about six months ago since I never posted it.

Totoro! Hayao Miyazaki is a genius (and I'm thinking about getting more Miyazaki characters going down my leg)

For those who haven't seen the movie, Totoro is a forest spirit and only the young at heart can see him. He will always be by my side, I will always be able to see him, so I will always be young at heart.

done by Rob Hunt at Forever Tattoo Asheville, NC

and my new one for my mom:

it says "...and you can just barely see it..."

on the back of my calf. by Keemie at Forever Tattoo Asheville, NC

story: When I was little and had just learned my shapes, the moon was crescent and my mom asked me, "What shape is the moon?" I said crescent, and she replied, "And just think, someone where up there is a flag" and I said, "Yeah... and you can just barely see it..." So now, whenever we see a crescent moon we say that to each other.

I'm really happy with both of them :D
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