cherryb0m (cherryb0m) wrote in _modified,

My VCH Piercing and sex

I got a VCH piercing about 1 month ago. I am beginning to wonder if it was the wrong decision. I've noticed ever since I got it done, while having sex with my boyfriend, I have problems acheiving an orgasm. Sometimes it takes SOOOO long, or it won't happen at all. It use to be so easy before. I am afraid I did damage to my clit from having this piercing done, or is this a normal part of healing? I know the piercer said it won't be completely healed until 4-6 weeks after getting it pierced.
Also I was pierced with a straight barbell....could changing the jewlery make a difference? I'm debating if I want to waste money and buy new jewlery, or just take the piercing out all together....
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