Alice Beth Stankovitch. The II. (subtle_tragedy) wrote in _modified,
Alice Beth Stankovitch. The II.

What is the standard gauge for female nipple piercings?

Hey, so I just got my nipples pierced. My piercer pierced them with a 16 Gauge eybebrow know, the curved kind? Anyway, all the pictures I've seen of pierced nipples have like straight barbells, and thats what i want to change it to once its healed just cause i like the look better. But when I go to websites selling nipple jewlrey, its all selling in a 14 gauge !! What is the standard size for a nipple piercing for females? I dont want to have to stretch my gauge, but i really want one of the straight barbells! (I dont like the look of the curved).

And if i CAN get 16 gauge barbells, can someone send me the link to a site that sells 16-gauge nipple jewlrey? i also want to get rings one day but once again, all the ones ive seen are 14 gauge!

another question: How long should I wait to change it?
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