*Hides behind a salmon*

Ah, good day!

Name: Laura

Age:15 summers old

Ways in which you are modest: I have no desire to flaunt myself, I tend to spend most of my time hiding in my room giggling madly over my insane creations. I'm also a manic steampunk fan. ^^

I find silly things funny, take salmon for example! (Tom green is my secret sin.)

I never judge people by the way they look, I hate people who judge easily, I cant understand where all the hate comes from.

What do do you think of the way woman are portrayed in todays sociaty?: Crudely. It's awful and shallow, everywhere you look shop shelves are adourned with woman who are placed in magazines and such purely for the way they look and very, very little else.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, VIDEO GAMES! ^.^, drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing...See a pattern? XD

Pics: Tis a piccie of the infamous salmon and I! XD http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/9659721/


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Hello. I've just come to realize that this community actually has members now.

I would like to fix this community up somehow, but I'm not very good with journal layouts. Would any of the rest of you guys be interested in helping fix this page up?

Thank you.