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Hijabi Style 1

1) Use a normal scarf underwear. And then use a triangle scarf and wrap it around your neck, making sure both sides are balanced.

2) Cross the scarf and meet at the back of the neck. Start wrapping from back to front, and then pinned at the back of the neck.
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We at Rockethical have made the conscious and important decision in life to favor our heart, minds, bodies, and souls over clothing and trends that put those important aspects in tribulation. Choosing to have respect for ourselves is the main focal point and concept of Rockethical. We also focus on mental, spiritual, & sexual purity as well as modesty and common courtesy all through clothing and accessories!

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Hijabs and More for Unique Hijabs, Accessories and Islamic Items at Affordable Prices. We specialize in unusual handcrafted Zikr Beads (Islamic Prayer Beads).

Hijabs and More just opened recently and it is still growing. We currently have Hijabs, Underscarves, Yemeni Burqas, Zikr Beads and Hijab Stick Pins in stock. But soon, Insha'Allah, we will have Illuminated scrolls of Arabic calligraphy, prayer rugs, prayer outfits, Kufis, other assorted Hijab pins, arm gauntlets, Khimars, home decor, etc.

Given the nature of our store, we often carry only one of a product and we'll never carry it again.

Hijabs and More can be found -

On the Web at

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We are using the Yahoo! Group and the LiveJournal Community to notify when new products are added to our store.

We thank you for your business.

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