Ayesha Hamid (ckeytee) wrote in _modest_girls_,
Ayesha Hamid

style 1

1) Tie our Triangular Cotton scarf(you can use a triangular hijab/scarf) on your head. Next, place one of our Sparkle Accent Scarves(use those sparkle scarves) over your head with one side of the scarf longer than the other side.
2)Switch the two sides and pull the scarf tight at both ends. style2
3) Grab the longer side and gently wrap it along the top of the crown of your head. style3
4) Tie the the two ends to one another. You can either tie them once together or make a double knot depending on your preference. style4
5) style5
Pull back the accent scarf and tuck the cotton scarf into it.

6)Classy and Lovely!
alt="stlye6" />

You can also take the two hanging ends of the accent scarf and wrap it around the tail to create a small ponytail.
alt="style7" />
Sources from http://www.tznius.com
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