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Hijabs and More for Unique Hijabs, Accessories and Islamic Items at Affordable Prices. We specialize in unusual handcrafted Zikr Beads (Islamic Prayer Beads).

Hijabs and More just opened recently and it is still growing. We currently have Hijabs, Underscarves, Yemeni Burqas, Zikr Beads and Hijab Stick Pins in stock. But soon, Insha'Allah, we will have Illuminated scrolls of Arabic calligraphy, prayer rugs, prayer outfits, Kufis, other assorted Hijab pins, arm gauntlets, Khimars, home decor, etc.

Given the nature of our store, we often carry only one of a product and we'll never carry it again.

Hijabs and More can be found -

On the Web at http://www.hijabsandmore.com

On Yahoo! Groups at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hijabsandmore/

On LiveJournal at hijabsandmore

We are using the Yahoo! Group and the LiveJournal Community to notify when new products are added to our store.

We thank you for your business.

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