Bringing it back from the dead...

Hello, everybody!

So I've been meaning to get this community going again; we seem to be growing in numbers, which is very pleasing. So other modest girls do exist!

I suppose I should open this entry to suggestions as to how you'd like to see the community run and how to get more people. You know, things to keep it active. If you want, you can make promotional icons or whatnot.

Thanks for your help and input!
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Being modest in a playboy world

I know I should be modest. I mean, the bible says I should be, for one thing. And I'm not one to disappoint Jesus! Plus, I think it's important not to draw unneeded attention to myself via my clothes. I mean, dressing immodestly is like the number one way to get raped! And I'm not one to get raped, you know?

Still... I really want to be a playboy bunny. I know it's wrong to flaunt my body and tempt my brothers into sinful, lustful thoughts, but... it's just that my bum is SO HOT! I'm pretty sure Heff would say so, too.

So, I guess my question is: are there any playboy-type magazines that are modest?

this may sound weird

this i s amazing i mean every day at school so many "hoochie mammas" get all the guys attention but i dont think thats how life shoulde be i think that dressing to be modest is more useful in the long run. half the girls i know who dress like sluts complain to me how a guy said he loved her then they "did it" and then he ran off and im like ok if you dress like a whore you are going to be treated like one. ok yeah well this is awesome! ok i think i am gonna go now! remember MODEST IS THE HOTTEST!!
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Hey all...

I'm Sarah.

I was just looking around for some communities to join, and ran across you guys.

I dress modestly because, well, having guys oggle me just isn't my cup of tea.

And I live in Alaska, where for most of the year it is impossible to dress immodestly.

Plus I love to wear sweaters, hehe.

And I believe that Song of Songs puts it right when it says "Do not stir or arouse love until it is ready." Or something like that.

And I love Jesus. He's my lover and lives inside of my I don't need to show it off.

Does anybody else have a difficult time finding good, modest clothes? I like Old Navy...



My name is Mary and I am a full-time barista, prospective college student, and a great lover of the feminist for life movement and Christian lifestyle. Just some tidbits about me and what I'm into. You dont have to agree, because I love people with opinions, even if they differ from my own!

Anyway, my reading of Wendy Shalit's A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue not only reinforced my belief in modesty's importance to me, but in its importance to society at large. Please give it a read! It is interesting, funny, and I think every girl (guys too) should read it.

Anyway, I'm really excited about finding this online group.


We've grown.

Every time I turn around, there are more and more people in this community. That's amazing.

Perhaps we should be a bit more active. I know we haven't been the most active community, which is why I was unaware that anybody was here.

It's kind of hard thinking about what to post on here, as this place basically revolves around a common belief. Perhaps it could just be a good place to vent about how terrible the world can be at times. There's so many displays of immodesty all around us every day. It's rather sad, really.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Stay modest!
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Exactly whom do we dress for? (islamic point of view) ;)

Exactly whom do we dress for?
Ask any woman who dresses up before leaving home who she has dressed up
for. Her answer will be, "for myself of course".
The question is, are we being honest with ourselves? Have we searched
deep within our hearts to ascertain the truth? If not, then let us not
waste any more time because tomorrow may be too late. Sisters, let's
not be deceived by the enemy, Shaytãn.

In order to divert us from the path of Truth he will lead us into
believing we are at the height of piety by merely covering our hair with a
flimsy scarf. Not only are the scarves pretty and colourful, nowadays
they even carry designer names! And the scarf is worn in such fashionable
ways that in actual fact it enhances the face and leaves the throat and
chest uncovered. Even if it was worn in such a way that the throat and
chest were not exposed, use of make-up does nothing but make the face
attractive, and use of scents emanate sweet fragrances that catch the
attention of even those who, out of the Fear of Allah, keep their gazes
We need to question ourselves, whom are we making ourselves attractive
for? Shaytãn has led us into believing it is 'for my self-confidence',
but it is in fact a green light for any man on the street, young and
old, to look. The ever changing fashions has brought in tight, short
dresses which leaves little to the imagination and which makes the
fathers and brothers look away in shame, unable to say much in this dangerous
Western environment. As if this wasn't enough, we arrogantly try to
change what Allah ta'ãlã, God has granted us. Plucking eyebrows and the
recent fashion of wearing coloured contact lenses that changes the colour of
the eyes is surely a cause of His Wrath coming down on us.

All this for whom?
If the answer is 'for myself', one needs to ask oneself if one is
always dressed in this manner, whether at home or out, in private or in
public, in the morning or at night. If the answer is 'for my husband',
one needs to ask oneself if it is only for the husband, or does it
include his brothers, friends and other non-mahram men. If the answer is
'for Allah', one needs to ask oneself if the manner of dressing is indeed
according to the laws laid down by Allah. If one goes out to school,
college or work dressed in this manner then the question, "Exactly whom
do we dress for?" applies even more.

A short time of quiet reflection will reveal that we are showing
ingratitude to Allah ta'ãlã who has blessed us with beauty and has made us
special. Are precious gems not hidden away safely? Are they left
unattended and paraded around for anyone to steal?
Today the made-up face lights up the eyes of every male, young and old,
but on the Day of Qiyãmah, only those faces kept pure with wudhoo will
glow with light so that our beloved Prophet S, who fought for us, cried
for us and prayed for us all night will recognise us as his followers.
We all claim to love Allah and His Messenger S, but that claim will be
a false one if we dress in a manner that displeases them. Let's not
forget the words of our beloved Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam: "A
woman who applies perfume and passes by a (male) gathering has a
doubtful character (the narrator mentions that by that he meant that she is
like an adulteress)." (Aboo Dãwood, Tirmizi)
And let's take heed of the dire warning given in the Hadeeth:
"Those women who appear naked even though they are wearing clothes, who
allure and are allured by others, . . .will never enter Paradise, or
even smell its fragrance and the scent of Paradise can be perceived from
a very great distance." (Bukhãri, Muslim) We claim to be Muslim women.
Let us then become true Muslim women and submit to our Lord. Let us
dress to please Him Alone and not "ourselves" or anyone else.

TO BE CONTINUED.....Designer Eye brows