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We are Modern Lovers

"We're young now, now's the time to enjoy it..."

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers love you!
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This is a community for Jonathan Richman and The Modern lovers.

Any and everything just about goes. We appreceate praise, pictures, and overall any or some information about the man and the band.

Just some reminders:

*This a Jonathan Richman and Modern lovers community, I think that about says it all, please no other music unless it has to do with influences or bands associated with Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. Because we all love the Violent Femmes too, god dammit.

*Please, this is so important, I will delete any inappropriate comments, quarrles, bitching, etc... I am for a productive community of people who can talk about great music in a mature fashion.

*Like stated prevously, photography, articals, words and posts of praise and worship, lyric posting, and any addition valid information is absolutly okie dokie.

*Have suggestions to fix this? Feel free to give us some feedback.

*For all those joining for the first time, a great way to start is with a brief ouline of yourself, how you got introduced to The Modern Lovers, and maybe a picture of yourself.

Read that? Good, now join.
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