Everything Is an Afterthought

I recently sold my first book. In conjunction, I've established another LiveJournal to report on the project's progress, occasionally provide links about, and writings by, its subject, Paul Nelson (famous for his Rolling Stone cover story about Warren Zevon's battle with alcoholism, and who, when he was with Mercury Records in the early Seventies, signed the New York Dolls and tried to sign the Modern Lovers), and share snippets of information or parts of interviews that may or may not be covered further in the final product.

The new journal shares the book's working title, Everything Is an Afterthought: The Life and Writings of Paul Nelson. Just follow the link.

Anybody interested in learning more about this brilliant critic, whose own life proved just as mysterious and fascinating as the artists' about whom he wrote, is welcome to join. As well, tracking the process of how a book goes from sale to publication should prove interesting. I'm rather curious about that part myself...

I Put It Back In Place

Hey Everybody,

I recentely alluded to something in a comment that I wanted to flesh out.

I was just thinking about this little thing... something in a Modern Lovers song that never ceases to make me smile.

I really love this line from "I'm Straight," that happens as almost an aside. He sings about calling the object of his desire and then haning up the phone... "I put it... back in place."

Then the aside. It's like he turns his head to one side and softly explains, "I put my phone back in place." LOVE that.

I always find myself rehearsing these two lines.

Anyway, that's all i got.

the best ride

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So your friendy community creator has gone through her up's and downs.

3 year relationship to a dude ended, and well, I barely exsist here anymore, so to lighten my spirts up, I've decided to pay alot more attention to this community, with all the new crap going on, it makes me all happy. Whatanerd, huh? :)

But, I can tell you all this, A Plea For Tenderness helped me through an awful period, and his happy music made my present happier than my past. You were all with me somehow! Yay!

I'm glad to see some more people join. Keep em comming.

Your personal savor (touch me here!) ,

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the best ride

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Hi ya'll just a brief thingie:

I havent checked this thing in a bit, and have realized that people have joined, so now I'm obligated to keep this thing up and keep you kids happy

So spread the word. I'd like at least 10 before I can make this an active commnity with people who know what their talking about. So if you know anyone who would want to join this commnity, please have them join!

Love and Muffins,

Need Help with a Song

Hey Everybody,

I need some help finding a song. I am not sure of the title, lyrics, album or sound. I do not know if it is Jonathan Richman or Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, or even a Modern Lovers song. I do know, however, that it was recorded prior to 1997.

The key fact is that I do know is that it starts out with Jojo asking “Are we recording?” before launching into this happy, bouncy bit of pure Jonathan Richmanny goodness. I remember it being quintessentially JR, passionate, quirky and vulnerable.

I heard this song once a long time ago, and it made me feel, you know, the way you feel when you listen to Jonathan Richman.

Can someone help me out with a title? Thanks!