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____ Application____

Name: Carolyn
Location: Scottsdale. Ick. Arizona
What type of music do you listen to? Well, (as most people say) i do like most music. I do favor music like Nirvana, David Bowie, Msi, The Cure, Modest Mouse. Basically whatever fits my mood at the time. Just honestly anything. from techno and grunge/alternative to some hip-hop. Im a really open and accepting person.
Favorite movie?: requiem for a dream. party monster. clockwork orange.. hmm im probably leaving an important one out. =/                                                                         Favorite food?: defiantly ICE CREAM. hehe i could live off of it. <3
What do you do in your spare time?: I do Photoshopping, photographs, obviously hang out with friends, um play with my kitten. Hehe shes so precious
How do you feel about drugs?: i dont have a problem with people who do drugs unless it overwhelmingly affects their personality or life. I’m not promoting it, but if you do, do drugs, im not going to hate you.
What about drinking?: Drink if you can hold your liquor hehe, everythings good in moderation.
And suicide?: "its a permanent solution to a temporary problem" I think its really sad. I, myself have lost a few to suicide. Its devastating.
Why should we accept you?: well ill be an active member, for i am always on the computer and cause i <3 all these rating/beauty communities. But if you don’t accept me, no hard feelings, everyone’s entitled to their opinions.

 I <3 my scarf. bad hair day save!

 hehe devil ^_^

here's one i just added a few words to..

thats all. enjoy =D


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