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____ Application____

Age: 14
Location: MA
What type of music do you listen to?: i dont like to label things but i like rock... mostly emo
Favorite movie?: Ghost World
Favorite food?: pasta
What do you do in your spare time?: watching TV, going online, talking, hanging with friends
How do you feel about drugs?:  i lose respect for people who do them. it is their choice but theyre choosing to throw their life away. ive seen how bad even pot can be over a long ammount of time and its not pretty.
What about drinking?: same with drugs.
And suicide?: i feel bad for people who think they need to kill themselves to get rid of a problem. they should see other options before killing themself. when you think about it, people who cant deal with problems were never taught how to.
Why should we accept you?: because ill be active and promote and im just awesome

im on the left in the red

my eyes...


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