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Name: Erin
Location:Chesterfield Michgan
What type of music do you listen to?:anythign rle but mostly rap...and well
Favorite movie?:I have a few but i <3 all adam sandler movies. and im obsessed with disney movies too..there so cute. lol
Favorite food?:Reeses Pieces! =)
What do you do in your spare time?:I dance competively, so dance, hang with friends, sit on the computer,phone, you know what average teenage girls do
How do you feel about drugs?: there just gay. i mean all they do is give a short fix, and totally screw up your life, yeah thats really worth it. haha no.
What about drinking?:if you drink once and a while and you are of age then whats the deal? like i dont mean acholic but if you go like once in a while to a club or whatever and get drunk then thats your choice.
And suicide?:i think that this is an issue not to be taken lightly. some people commit becaz of depression or whatever else, they obviously feel they can do no right and that there life just must be that bad. i dont go recomending it for people but if you feel thats your way then i guess so, but those people are always missed and always very loved.
Why should we accept you?:i'll give you my honest opion on people and i dont think im that horrible looking, though i could be wrong..but sure!!


my oh so nice friend decided to take that of me while i was

why yes thats me!

right side

i look like im gonna beat someone up! haha but i wouldnt im not that mean lol

okay thats all <3 thanks!


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