.. (f0rever__y0urs) wrote in _model_material,

Name: Amanda
Age: 14 3/4
Location: California
What type of music do you listen to?: Rock / Emoish/punk rock/pop punk//--the postal service . tbs . modest mouse . death cab for cutie . avenged sevenfold . coheed and cambria
Favorite movie?: uptown girls / just married
Favorite food?: italian pizza . spaghetti . ravioli
What do you do in your spare time?: hangout with my friends .. talk on the phone .. computer
How do you feel about drugs?: I personally wouldnt do drugs because to me it not only affects the person but it affects the people involved in your life and i would never wanna hurt some like that
What about drinking?: Drinking is okay if you do not drink too much and you definitely do not drink and drive that is endangering other people lfie and i totally disrespect that.
And suicide?: Suicide is terrible. If things arent going well you should talk to peiople. Life isnt always gonna be happy but you sure shouldnt end it if things arent going youre way. Way agaisnt suicide.
Why should we accept you?: Ill promote vote and bring excitement to the community.


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