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ooh! *jumps up and down* pick me pick me!

Name: Piper
Age: 15
Location: Ankara, Turkey
What type of music do you listen to?: A bunch of stuff, but to name some genres; emo, screamo, pop punk, punk rock, some metal.
Favorite movie?: Empire Records. I could watch that movie multiple times every day. (And I have)
Favorite food?: First thing that comes to mind is anything Italian, but I also adore Rocky Road ice cream. :)
What do you do in your spare time?: Truthfully, bum around on the computer because I'm a geek and have no life. But I also occasionally go out with my friends to cafes or the movies and such.
How do you feel about drugs?: If that's your thing, congrats. I'm not really for or against.
What about drinking?: Socially and in small amounts, go right ahead. If you drink and drive, however, I think that's totally unacceptable and you should go to hell. (metaphorically of course) I can't believe someone would endanger their own and others lives by making a stupid choice like that.
And suicide?: Well I understand how someone would be pushed to such a drastic decision, because if you're contemplating suicide then chances are that you're depressed, so you have a chemical imbalance in your brain and aren't thinking rationally. So I can't say that it's selfish, but it's not your only way out, and you'd be making so many other people miserable that it just doesn't make sence. There are other options.
Why should we accept you?: Because I love you? :P Because I'm fun, and I'd be active, and I'm truthful.

Gangsta P and Baby Honey! (me and Nasser)

Adam, me, Johnny.

OHMYGOD I'M BEING RAPED! No not really, Chang's just practicing wrestling moves on me.

My rendition of the Trojan Man commercial. (The one where the couple is on a park bench and the girl's like "I wanna have sex" and the guy's like "AAAAHHH!!!" and then the deep voices go "TROJAN MAN!" and the girl goes "Trojan man!" and that's the face she made. :P )

Johnny and me on the last day of school.

Haley and me on the last day of school. We found those while we were helping the teacher clean out her room. They're from prom '02. I'm trying not to burst out laughing and fall over, that's why I have that weird ass expression on my face.

Haley, Jen and me at prom.

Hila, Kaia, Ainslee and me at prom.

And last but not least, the most recent picture of me. It was like the day after my dance recital, so that's why my hair is in cornrows.

And I will love you forever if you join my community. :)

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