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Name: Jaime
Age: 15
Location: Healdsburg CA
What type of music do you listen to?: just about everything-rap, country, r&b, some oldies, rock, classic rock, some metal, some punk, some intrumental
Favorite movie(s)?: 8mile and A Walk To Remeber
Favorite food?: steak and hamburgers
What do you do in your spare time?: hang out with friends, read, shop, go to the race track, listen to music
How do you feel about drugs?: I dont personally do them but I dont mind if other people do them either, it's thier choice what they want to put into thier bodies.
What about drinking?: Same as above but I dont like people to drink around me becuase I hate how people act when they are drunk.
And suicide?: its a very real thing and people need to stop ignoring it, and stop saying that people who commit suicide are selfish or sinful becuase unless you have been where ever they are metally you do not have the right to judge what they feel.
Is the glass half empty or half full?: depends on if I like the drink.
How do you feel about the war in Iraq?: We shouldn't have gone over there but now that we have we should finish what we started.
Why should we accept you?: because I would be an active member and I think that this looks like a cool community and you want to.


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