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I'm sorry I haven't been updating/posting or voting latley. There are 8957395879385793587 things going on in my life right now and I'm finding it extremley hard to deal with it all. My friend who was in the accident on September 17th is still in the hospital and not doing good. Her heart has stopped several times since then and she was on life support for 10 days. Last week she had to have emergency surgery on Thursday to put a line in her heart which has different things attached to her heart and it is putting her heart in extreme distress so she had to have it taken out today. She has been in surgery for almost 5 hours, and I'm in the waiting room right now waiting for news. *thank God for laptops* she has a high chance of not making it through the surgery and like a 95% chance of if she does, being on life support afterwards and not making it off the machines before her heart stops and she dies. I can't lose her, I have no parents/siblings left, she is all I have. I don't know what to do so I probably won't be posting a lot for a bit. Until everything gets straightened out. Sorry guys..if its a problem just let me know. I'm going to post her picture in a cut just so you guys can see this amazing fighter. <3


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