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Here it is!

Name: Parker
Age: 16
Location: Marblehead, Massachusetts
What type of music do you listen to?: Emo. Yeah, it's vague now a days. But, Dashboard is my all time favorite band.
Favorite movie?: The Goonies. C'mon. All my childhood memories consist of "one-eyed Willie" and "Chester Copperpot"
Favorite food?: This may sound so wierd and gross BUT IT IS SO GOOD: Wintergreen coated Popcorn from The Willows.
What do you do in your spare time?: Go to local shows here and there.
How do you feel about drugs?: Don't do them and people who do need to take a look at their life and straighten out their prioritites
What about drinking?: It's not as bad as doing drugs, but I still don't drink and I don't plan on drinking until it is legal for me too.
And suicide?: If somone commits suicide, I personally think that most of them occur because of major depression. I dunno what I think about it: it's not like it's going to end. It's life. No pun intended.
Why should we accept you?: Because I definatly think that I am model material. I am beggining to compile a modeling protfolio anyway. So I am an aspiring model anyway.


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