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Name: Jackie
Age: 16
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
What type of music do you listen to?: I like everything, but rock is my favorite.
Favorite movie(s)?: Fight Club!, LOTR
Favorite food?: Sushi. I'm a vegetarian
What do you do in your spare time?: theater, party, volunteer- we just got hit by hurricane francis so I have been helping people with there homes...
How do you feel about drugs?:  I would never do anything harder than pot!
What about drinking?: I do not drink all the time but once in a while it helps me relax and have fun.
And suicide?: My grandparents both commited suicide the also shot my uncle, he was only 8. I have had suicidal thoughts before but I would never go through with it; it is selfish...
Is the glass half empty or half full?: half full...it's a better way to live
How do you feel about the war in Iraq?: It shouldn't have ever been going on!!! I hate Bush, I don't think he is smart enough to be President. I would vote for Kerry if I was eligible although I wish we had some better candidates.
Why should we accept you?: I'm a very interesting peron... I also have many strong opinions.




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