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Name: Tika
Age: Seventeen
Location: Tampa, Florida
What type of music do you listen to?: It fluctuates depending on my mood. I'm generally very much into showtunes and seventies rock.
Favorite movie?: Dark City
Favorite food?: Strawberries
What do you do in your spare time?: Art. I'm going to college for it soon.
How do you feel about drugs?: Personally, I do not to them, not because it's against my morale, but because I don't like how I would feel when I'm on them. I would never date someone who was addicted to something because I feel it will always propose conflicts eventually.
What about drinking?: Drinking responsily? Okay... Binge Drinking? At least three times every school year, most colleges have deaths brought from binge drinking. You tell me?
And suicide?: In my area, must people consider it a "fad". It's very much looked down upon, yet many people continue to excersize their 'attempts'. I do not approve. Yet the excuse "You're not only responsible for you, but those who love you!" just never seemed like something that someone contemplating suicide would react to? You are lord of your own life. If you are willing to give it up so easily, succeeding would have probably been difficult anyway. I don't see the appeal for myself, personally, but I'm nearly positive that people who do could probably think of ten times more reasons to do it then I can not to. I'm a bit cynical about the subject, so sorry to have offended anyone.
Is the glass half empty or half full?: Half full, definitely. After all, there is still some left!
How do you feel about the war in Iraq?: I'm not fond of Bush or his ideals. I don't think that this war is doing any of us an advantage. OPEC is where we get all of our gas which means that these gas prices have inflated because Bush decided to declare a war on a country in an area where we get one of our main resources. Intelligent? Logical? Then again, these are not characteristics our president is known for carrying.
Why should we accept you?: Why not?

(No.. Not naked. It's a strapless dress. Haha.)

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