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Name: wendy

Age: 15

Location: canoga park , CA

What type of music do you listen to?: i mostly listen to hip hop and R&B...but i am very open with listening to anything else...if i like it i'll listen to it... hehe

Favorite movie?: my fav movie is finding nemo and u got served...i love dancing... <3

Favorite food?: my fav food is mexican food...and PIZZA...

What do you do in your spare time?: i usually go places with my camera and take pictures...i love photography...and if not that then im usually with my friends...

How do you feel about drugs?: there not for me...but my friends on the other hand do so i don't judge people on that...so if you do then i have no problem...

What about drinking?: its whatever to me cause i have many people i care about that do but i can't change it...just if you do try and keep yourself safe... :)

And suicide?: i don't think its a way out of your problems...there are other ways such as talking about it with someone or writing your feelings down...because there are so many people that do care/love you and your not just hurting yourself your hurting other people in the process...

Why should we accept you?: i promote alot and be active in voting :)



oh and the second to last pic im wearing my sisters cheer jacket...just in case your wondering why it doesn't have my name... :)


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