*xtina* (little_sympathy) wrote in _model_material,


What type of music do you listen to?: I listen to all kinds of music.
Favorite movie?:My favorite movie is "Legally Blonde"
Favorite food?:My favorite food is chicken ceaser salad
What do you do in your spare time?: In my spare time , i like to dance , hangout with my friends , go shopping , go to the beach , and surf.
How do you feel about drugs?: Im not agenst people who do it ... but i would never do it .
What about drinking?: i think that dranking is not good ... but i dont mind if ppl do it by me
And suicide?:I really dont no , im sry.
Is the glass half empty or half full?:thats the same thing
How do you feel about the war in Iraq?:its sad
Why should we accept you?:i think that you should accept me cuz im very pritty, and cuz i would like to b apart of this community.
Pictures:     I HOPE YOU LIKE THE PICTURES!!!!that was last night lol :)


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