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Name: Nicole

Age: 18

Location: Portland, Or

Music: I really like all types of music, anything from classical to rock, to emo, to country. :) Some of my fav. bands are Taking Back Sunday, Alkaline Trio, YellowCard (yes even before the ocean avenue cd....;>), Sugarcult, Something Corporate, Mad At Gravity, Linkin Park, Homegrown,  Goldfinger, A New Found Glory, and a ton others, I just don't want to bore you with band names for an hour, :)

Fav. Movie: GIRL, no one has ever really heard of it, but it's awesome, it has tara reid in it, and she is all punked out and crazy. I just saw Napolean Dynomite too...thats up there,

Fav. Food: Umm...I really like any type of italian and greek food, probably chocolate covered gummi bears, and parmesan goldfish crackers, (not together, ick!)

What Do You Do In Your Spare Time: Umm, well, at the moment, I'm working at Victoria's Secret, and that's taking up most of my time, but other then that I love going to the movies, just sitting around the house with a close friend, or pretty much anything, I'm usually game for whatever!

Drugs: Well, I don't do drugs, but my thoughts and morals don't have anything to do with anyone else, so do whatever makes you happy, as long as it's not hurting anyone,

Drinking: I have to admit, I've done my share, but really, it's not something I plan on having as a part of my life, I really like being in control, and I'm outgoing enough without alcohol.

Suicide: Definatly not a good choice, I've been through plenty in my life, and I survived, and if I can, so can anyone else.  It's just the cowardly way out.

Half Empty or Half Full: Well, that depends on whats in the glass, if it's something gross like the stuff they make you drink before you get a stomach x-ray, you know, that chalky stuff, then it's half empty, but if it's like strawberry lemonade, or apple juice, it's half full!

War in Iraq: I completely disagree with it.  President Bush is finishing the war his father started with lives from my generation.  If he was upfront and said, look, it's just better to do this now then wait till later, thats one thing, but to lie to us about weapons of mass destruction to get approval, that's just wrong.

Why Should We Accept You: Well, it would be cool to be part of a forum where real discussions take place, and I'm a pretty cool person, I've got lots to say, and a tactful way to say it.


Thanks so much for reading all about me!



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