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Belle Material??

Location:Ont, Canada
What type of music do you listen to?:Alt rock, Classic Rock and punk
Favorite movie?: i like a lot of movies but i guess the one that i just saw which is Harold and Kumar go to White Castle...its soo hilarious lol.
Favorite food?: spaghetti.... and ice cream :)
What do you do in your spare time?:hang out with my friends, use the computer haha, go for walks around town, shop, i love to go hiking and swimming.
How do you feel about drugs?: i dont think they help at all, they just make things worse, in the long run they will mess up your life and every time you take them the temporary high becomes shorter and shorter and you fall deeper into depression, i dont think its worth it, do something better with your time.
What about drinking?: at parties i believe its fine, but be around friends you know and dont become an alcoholic, make sure you dont pass out at the mercy of someone you dont know, never drive home and as long as you dont drink to the point where you make yourself sick i believe it is ok...just dont drink ALL the time.
And suicide?:suicide is a tough topic, ive known some people who have thaught about it including me, and others that have committed it. and its really sad it causes a lot of pain for others around you and i think its the ones that have no where else to turn and just give up, its a little selfish since they arent thinking about the ones that love them and want to help them and they have to go through that pain, and i believe its an easy way out almost since they dont want to talk or take the time to think about what they are doing and the effects it would have on everyone, they dont get to experience life to the fullest and its just not their time to go.
Is the glass half empty or half full?:right now it is Half full
How do you feel about the war in Iraq?: i think it was not necessary and that Bush was just trying to finish the job his father started and i dont think those innocent people shuold have died for that stupid cause. it didnt prove anything and it didnt prevent anything, to my understanding Bush didnt know if there were weapons of mass destruction and he asumed there were...and i dont think they even found one, now the government is ruling that country which is now getting osama mad and on a rampage against all countries Pro American. osama is planning on attacking every country that supports the U.S. until the government gets out of iraq. this is to my understanding from watching the news...
Why should we accept you?:well i think i am a happy, fun person and i make friends easily, i believe i would get along with all the mods and members here and it would be fun :) i am a fair person and i put effort into everything i am a part of.


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