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this is my soul...

What type of music do you listen to?:tori amos,ani di franco,alanis,placebo,emilie autumn,sheila nicholls,nin...
Favorite movie?:labyrinth
Favorite food?:breakfast food:)( lots of sugar)
What do you do in your spare time?:write letters,share my thoughts,sing,read,think and do mail art stuff...
How do you feel about drugs?: i hate drugs, i ve taken some ,i ve been rather stupid and wanted to try everything,but i think drugs truly destroys your personality and mind and then you are no less than a sheep when you do drugs because you are manipulated!
What about drinking?:the same,i hate alcohol, i think a little once in a while but well as for me i dont drink alcohol!i ve never understood those parties so boring and common where eveyrone is drunk,all sheep!i m tired of person whithout a personnality!but it s my strong opinions!
And suicide?:anyone does what they want with their life,but better try hard to go through it and see and feel the beauty of your self and your worl, and your imagination and life before really deciding to end it,because who knows what is after? i m very upset by the suicidal teens because i was there before and i come back to it when i m too depressed,anyway NOw i do know i want to live, though life isn t pretty pink everyday!
Is the glass half empty or half full?:for me at the moment with all the difficulties ,the glass is empty,but i m sure i could see better and see the beauty of my existence and the meaning of it when i ll feel better, hope it ll be soon....
How do you feel about the war in Iraq?:it s vain,a waste of human beings...:(((
Why should we accept you?:if i resemble you you will accept me i guess otherwise you will reject me so nothing more to say,just do as you please:)i hate being judged so it s a kind of challenge for me ahah:p


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