December 6th, 2004


Name: Allie
Age: 16
Location: Jacksonville Florida
What type of music do you listen to?: a little bit of everything, i love country and music from the 90's and some local pop punkish stuff.. oldies that ive grown up to, and a little bitt of rap.
Favorite movie(s)?: adam sandler movies are deff my favorite, big daddy happy gilmore and billy madison mainly, saw was really good but a little too gorey for me
Favorite food?: mashed potaotes and macaronnii and cheese
What do you do in your spare time?: hang out w/ my friends; shop; party; i play volleyball and softball; & i love the beach
How do you feel about drugs?: well, theyre not for me, ive had some bad experiences w/ family members and weed, and coke and stuff so, i try to stay away from them.. but if you do them its up to you, i wont preach, but i just dont agree.
What about drinking?: drinking on the other had... usually thats what you find me doing on the weekends with my usual group, of coarse i am agisnt drinking and driving though.
And suicide?: although things seem bad, they can always get better.i think depression is a choice, and if you choose to be optimistic about situations then suicide shouldnt even be an option. things like that scare me, i dont think dealth would make anything better, it would only make things worse, maybe not for the person commiting but for the people around you, and honestly i'd rather be misrable than put the people around me in pain... i dno thats just how i am.
Is the glass half empty or half full?: well, neither really, theres always ups and downs to every situation.. how i veiw things really depends my mood.
How do you feel about the war in Iraq?: well, i fully support president bush, but part of that is because of my parents input since im so young....ive been raised a republican, so in my household i feel the need to support the troops.i feel like i need to be more informed to know weather or not im for or agiasnt it though. ive never really listened to both sides.
Why should we accept you?: i havent joined many communites and i wanted to get involved. this one seemed fun, and easy to be active in. im honest and im pretty blunt, i say whats on my mind and i feel like i could contribute to the communite
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