October 27th, 2004


Name:Stephen Paul

 Age: 19

Location: Kalamazoo, MI What type of music do you listen to?: I dont limit my music type in any way. My favorite genre of music is Rap, and R$B Favorite movie(s)?: "Hunger Point." and " The Best Little Girl in the World". Favorite food?: Vegan Onion Bread. What do you do in your spare time?: In what little spare time i have i try to hang out with my friends get work done. I run 20miles a week, and keep in shape. How do you feel about drugs?: I dont really have any feeling twards them. I know what they are, I know what they do, I have no intrest in them personally. What about drinking?: Same as Drugs. And suicide?: This is a very contreversal issue. I personally think its selfish, and rude. Is the glass half empty or half full?: The Glass is definatly half full, and on its way to the top! How do you feel about the war in Iraq?: I think its BullShit.

Why should we accept you?: Because im model material and i would like to see who else agrees..im 511 slim , thin and tan, and cute im told:)


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cant figure the pics out, just ask me:)
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