September 24th, 2004

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<lj-cut text="am i model material ? <3">

Name: Angelica
Location: New York :)
What type of music do you listen to?: i love all types. mostly emo
Favorite movie(s)?: children on their birthdays, donnie darko & thirteen.
Favorite food?: tacos
What do you do in your spare time?: sing, listen to music or hang out with friends
How do you feel about drugs?: i would never do them, but its the persons choice.
What about drinking?: i never drank before. but i would if i had the chance but only if it tasted good.
And suicide?: i think that every problem can be sloved and if people worked them through many lives would be saved.
Is the glass half empty or half full?: half full
How do you feel about the war in Iraq?: well, im anti war but i think it was necessary under the circumstances
Why should we accept you?: you should accept me because i love to talk and have fun, and even if i dont get accepted i will still be happy to be apart of the community

me and my friend lau

me and lau again

my friend jackie and me .. the pic is kind of blury.