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more members

More people might join if you add more interests-- George Bush, George W., republicans, democrats, kerry, michael moore.

in the americans suck community, they have conflicting interests, and members join every day. My friend and I joined because george w. bush was listed as an interest, even though they are anti-bush. We got kicked out for being pro-bush, and for making posts that defended the U.S.
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Fuck Michael Moore, but more importantly fuck Canadia

I recently posted this in the 'americans suck' community made of Canadians (and a few U.S. citizens) that hate America, and love Michael Moore.

I just have a few things to say. I will be sure to use small words. I will use short sentences. Then Canadians can understand.
1) This pretty mush goes without saying, but Canadians suck.
2) Canadia is in America. Therefore, all Canadians are also Americans. According to you, Americans suck. I agree--you all suck
3) I LOVE George W. Bush
4) I LOVE the USA
4) Eh?
5) Everybody hates Celene Dion (not to mention the other Canadian skanks, whores, bitches, etc.)
6) The proper spelling of the county north of the U.S. is 'Canadia.' If it was 'Canada,' they would be 'Canadans.' (E.g. Germany: 'Germans,' not 'Germanians)
7) The U.S. kicked Canadian ass in the Olympics
8) The U.S. has spent trillions of dollars helping countries around the world. Has Canadia done anything useful? ever?
9) Canadian money is worthless. I wipe my ass with it.