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Mary Kate Olsen

she rocks!!

We love Mary-Kate!
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This is a community all about Mary-Kate Olsen.
This is where we can talk ALL bout Mary-Kate... the gossip, fashion, you name it, if it's about MK.. we wanna know!

1) no bashing of EITHER Olsen twin. I realize that people have their own opinions but if they are negative then they are not welcome here.

2) please, NO POSTS off topic. there are plenty of other communities out there for the other stuff.

3) no vulgarity or un-necessary arguing. it will NOT be tolerated.

4) if you have large pictures, post behind and LJ cut.

5) if posting icons, only post three and one on top of the other. all others- put behind LJ cut. we don't want to screw up peoples friends pages.

Have fun and if you have any questions email me at Kay7S@aol.com
your mod, thats__hott

other wonderful MkA communities are mkaolsen mka___fashion mka_graphics and mka_icons