One-Hit Wonders

What actually qualifies you as a one-hit wonder??? Does the song have reach #1? Top 10? Top 40??? Does anyone know??? I thought about this, b/c I want to make a "Half-Hit Wonder Mixtape" of allt hose artists that had barely a hit. Like it may have peaked @ #146, but I remember it. Any clue???

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I have started a new mixtape/mix-CD exchange website and, befittingly, I have put together a mix to kick it off with style... It has a mixtapes/post/letters/DIY/mail-art theme. You'll see what I mean...


   1. Rocky Votolato - Mixtapes / Cellmates

   2. Beirut - Postcards From Italy

   3. Model Photographer - Cassette Tape

   4. The Kills - Tape Song

   5. The RGBs - Cassette Taoe

   6. Against Me! - What We Worked For

   7. The Box Tops - The Letter

   8. Shankar Jaikishan - Typewriter Tip, Tip, Tip

   9. Wilco - Box Full Of Letters

  10. Los Campesinos! - It Started With A Mixx

  11. Semisonic - Singing In My Sleep

  12. McCarthy Trenching - Cassette Tape Massacre

  13. An Horse - Postcards

  14. PJ Harvey - The Letter

  15. Robots In Disguise - DIY

  16. Aztec Camera - We Could Send Letters

You can download it for free from here:

I hope you enjoy it!


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Last year when my cousin got engaged, I made her a mix CD as a present. It actually ended up being a 3-disc set, though; I'm really bad about finding more songs I want to use than will actually fit on one disc. The tracklist is behind the cut. :)

So now I'm going to be making a mix CD for my boyfriend. I'm not using this exact tracklisting, of course, but I'll be using some of the same songs. <3

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I made this for someone who has horrible taste in music so there are lots of old things and a couple that you see way too often.

Part 1
1. Flight Of The Conchords - If You're Into It
2. The Microphones - I Felt Your Shape
3. Neutral Milk Hotel - Naomi
4. The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
5. Beirut - Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)
6. Slum Village - Fall In Love
7. RJD2 - Making Days Longer
8. Yo La Tengo - Speeding Motorcycle
9. Think About Life - Whate The Future Might Be
10. Cocorosie - By Your Side
11. Built to Spill - Girl
12. Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks
13. Blur - You're So Great
14. Pixies - Where is my Mind?
15. Pinback - Boo
16. Do Make Say Think - Fredericia

Part 2
1. Air - Venus
2. Broken Social Scene - Guilty Cubicles
3. Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician - Where
4. Cujo - Fat Ass Joint
5. Tiefschwarz - Safari
6. Thievery Corporation - Shadows Of Ourselves
7. Zero 7 - Somersault
8. Sven Van Hees - Seasonal ounty (Smooth '94)
9. Ladytron - Another Breakfast With You
10. Ghislain Poirier - Justin Timberlake / Champion
11. Spank Rock - Sweet Talk
12. Basement Jaxx - Romeo
13. De-Phazz F. Pat Appleton - Mamba Craze
14. The Avalanches - A Different Feeling (Ernest St. Laurent Remix)
15. M83 & Benoit Villeneuve - Run Into Flowers (Jackson Remix)
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I need music for a guns out, no mercy gang fight. Working on some sketches, and would love to have a soundtrack. I'm looking for aggressive, brutal music. Any and all suggestions are appreciated (unless it's West Side Story. It's neither brutal, nor aggressive).

Any suggestions?

Well I'm making some of my friends mixes to go with birthday/holiday presents and need a few suggestions. 

I'm making a mix for a friend with a rather peverted sense of humour and had the idea of making her a mix with a bunch of songs about sex and other random dodgy/weird stuff - nothing too serious but stuff that she'll probably have a bit of a laugh at/with. 

Am also making a series of mixes for another friend - am going to do a double set to go together - an upbeat/jump around having fun type of mix and then a more mellow, relaxing mix to follow it. 

So does anyone have any suggestions for what I could put on these mixes? I haven't made a mixtape/mix cd in a while so am scratching my head over song ideas. 

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help a girl out with a mix?

songs to shag a hippie by:

don't let me down-the beatles
pull my hair- bright eyes
such great hieghts-the postal service
are you experience-jimi hendrix [not too sure about this one but he loves hendrix]

I'm sure there's more I know of but that'll give at least a basis of what kind of music we both listen to. 60's, psychedelia, indie, acoustic, folky.
the mood I'm going for is more towards loving sex, very "such great hieghts" emotional chill ambiant music. not too slow and boring or cheesy like that Celine Dion song in Titanic, but nothing crude and hard and fast like Smack That by Akon.

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Monthly Mixtape Swap Group

Dearest Mixtapers-
I just wanted to post that I involved in a mixtape penpal group that is always open for people to join, as long as they have intrests in mixtapes and are dependable enough to meet a once a month deadline. Once a month, members get an email from me with someone elses address and a due date, and have before that date to make and mail them a tape. They end up getting a tape in the mail also from a different member. It is cassette tape only. If anyone is interested in signing up, please email me