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"Something Old and Something New"

Hey guys got a mixtape I made about a week ago. Whadya think?
Side One:
Mysterious Ways- U2
Epic- Faith No More
Birdhouse in My Soul- They Might Be Giants
Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco- Cookie Monster and the Girls
It's Tricky- Run DMC
Been Caught Stealing- Janes Addiction
Breakout- Foo Fighters
1st Things 1st- Phantom Planet
Doing the Trash- Oscar the Grouch and the Girls
Night Speaks to a Woman- Trey Anastasio
The Diner Song- State Radio
Hard to Handle- Black Crowes
Revolution- The Beatles
I Get Around- The Beach Boys
Take the Money and Run- Steve Miller Band
49 Bye Byes- Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Lazy Confessions- Moldy Peaches
It's a Shame- Moldy Peaches
Answering Machine ..1 and 2- Moldy Peaches

Side 2:
Farmhouse- Phish
Learning to Fly- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Whirlwind- Dispatch
Two Thousand Years- Billy Joel
Electricians' Day- Liam Lynch
Sample in a Jar- Phish
Galileo- Indigo Girls
Bouncing Round the Room- Phish
Classic Heartbreaking Bitches- Speechwriters LLC
Blood on the Frets- SWLLC
Flake- Jack Johnson
Bullet and a Target- Citizen Cope
What Did I Get Myself Into- Kyle Riabko
Currently- Keaton Simmons
The Thrill is Gone- B.B. King
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