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_mixitup is a non-elitist mix trade community, if you want to swell your ego by berating others for their taste in music, try _indiemix and keep your elitism at home.

So, I'll make a post at the first of the month. You have ten days to post a comment saying that you want to be included in this months swap. In the post, you will include your e-mail address, preferation of tapes or discs, and any other info (such as you aren't able to make CDs).

After that ten days, I'll make a post saying who's swapping with who. To get postage details, e-mail the person you are trading with and introduce yourself. Just so they don't think it's spam, it might be a good idea to put '_mixitup' in the subject.

On the tape/disc you should put a full track listing.

Your mix needs to get to it's destination before the end of the month ... If you can't meet this deadline for any reason, contact your trading partner, or make a post in the community.

Not sending a mix without telling anyone is totally fucking bogus. If you're not a consistent swapping partner, you'll not be included.

In between swaps, you can post any old thing you want, perferably music related.

**Please do not promote your community here if it sucks, mk?**
I.E. No, we do not want to join _____superhawtrobotdinosaurbangbangzombieselitistindieraterzzz, so just save yourself the HTML and plaster that shit elsewhere.

Any questions can be asked in a post to the community, a post on my journal, or e-mailed to me.

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You don't have to, but if you want to make an introductory post, you can use this "form".
Favourite Bands:
Most embarrassing music phase you went through:
Most underrated band that we should check out:
Write something witty here:

And I say this again, take it easy on other people's aural preferences. Let's keep this place posi.


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