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Stop listening to that lame music. New Mixtape Compact Disc Mp3 Audio Blog Remix Mashup Original

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
i have some thing for you
but first a quote from shakespeare

"welcome to the shit generation, i am its mascot. see this s? it stands for stupid, strangulated, straight jacketed, stunted and sexually unsatisfied. i am in love with the throb of anxiety, death and destruction in this teen infested wasteland."

i made this shit to listen to after i get my gallbladder cut out of me, i can lay in bed dreaming about dancing and having fun with my friends and then realize im stuck in bed not doing any of that! AWESOME

Cocaine Music For Republicans proudly presents

The Grown-up Teenage Wasteland: Diary of a Fuckup Boy Superstar

1.Malaria - kaltes klares wasser
2.The Fall - C.R.E.E.P.
3.Dmonstrations - Mermaid Wax
4.The Pastels - Thank you for Being You
5.Crack and Ultra Eczema - Rastafareich
6.Odd Nosdam - We Dead
7.Zeigenbock Kopf - Animals
8.Oblong Boys - Talk 1
9.Cry Blood Apache - The Life Guard
10.Crystal Castles - Mother Knows Best
11.White Williams - New Violence
12.Wazmo Nariz - Checking Out Your Elbow
13.Zom Zoms - Lookalike
14.Unrest - London's Theme
15.Tickley Feather - Natural Natural
16.Cocaine Music For Republicans - Good Witch
17.Chris Knox - Half Man/Half Mole
18. We are Wolves - We are all Winners
19.These are Powers - You Come with Nothing
20.Oblong Boys - Talk 3
21.Twance Cop - Infinite Rave
22.Cocaine Music for Republicans - Hippy Fest 2000(thugs4hugs)
23.Xela - Sinking Cadavers
24.Zeigenbock Kopf - Woman, Begone!
25.Disfear - Fiery Father
26.Yeah Propeller - untitled
27.Tapes 'n Tapes - Le Ruse
28.Simple Minds - Factory

Stream if you're a Pussy or Download if your a Rockstar right here at this link


oh shit yeah!
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I'm trying to make a mix with hip/hop or pop type songs that I can jam to in the car. But I'm lacking in this department in music :(

So, what are some your fav. hip/hop type songs?

Videohippos+CryBloodApache+Health+DanDeacon+WhiteWilliams =

The FUCK YEAH! mix

are you ready to fuck...yeah?

well check this shit out!

1 TRACK so you cant skip around like a puss puss

The FUCK YEAH! mix
1.Videohippos - Narwhalz
2.Cry Blood Apache - The Northern Travelers
3.Crack and Ultra Eczema - Ebola Day
4.Black Dice - Scavenger
5.Deerhunter - Tape Hiss Orchid
6.Human Eye - Human Eye
7.Captain Ahab - Old Like You
8.Glass Candy - Crystal Migraine
9.Health - Heaven
10.LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
11.White Williams - The Shadow
12.Deerhunter - Spring Hall Convert
13.Mannequin - Transcience
14.TV Sex Star - No Name
15.Zom Zoms - Septagon Crazy
16.Helios Creed - Military Presence
17.Dan Deacon - Splish Splash
18.Adventure - Loredo
19.Helios Creed - Rise
20.Cry Blood Apache - Lifeguard
21.Cocaine Music For Republicans - Judy Garland's Pills
22.Grizzly Bear - Shift(alternate version)
23.The Stone Roses - Waterfall
24.White Williams - Going Down
25.12ozmo - Rhoda's Death


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new mix that youll just love

once again its all mixed up into one continuous track kinda thing - you can stream and download the mix from the link below

Stories of a Living Room Mix

1. animal collective - la rapet
2. best fwends - x marks
3. circle - neverending dinner
4. sex vid - tania
5. mu - im coming to get you/paris hilton
6. MGMT - time to pretend
7. panda bear - bros(remix by terrestrial tones)
8. okay - my
9. the magnetic fields - smoke and mirrors
10. no age - every artist needs a tragedy
11. the horrors - little victories
12. xtc - making plans for nigel
13. add n to x - sir ape
14. the fiery furnaces - the philadelphia grand jury
15. MGMT - electrical feel
16. videohippos - bear fight
17. scene from dark place mixed with circle - black tape and the horrors - draw japan
18. the mighty boosh - yeti song
19. okay - only
20. panda bear - untitled 1
21. michael cera and ellen page - anyone else but you

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Whatever gets you through the night mix

here is another mix

ENJOY! (download and streaming link below)
1. Matmos - Solo Buttons For Joe Meek
2. Manitoba - Hendrix With Ko
3. Clockcleaner - Daddy Issues
4. LFO - Mummy, I've Had An Accident...
5. LFO - Freak (Promo) (5:01)
6. Robert Wyatt - At Last I Am Free
7. Dimitri From Paris - Un Terlude
8. Suicide - Ghost Rider
9. Panda Bear - Bros (
10. FAD GADGET- Back To Nature
11. The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
12. Patsy Cline - Strange
13. cocaine music for republicans - mother father mirror mirror
14. halopain--metropolis
15. OCDJ - Woopash
16. Add N to (X) - FYUZ
17. Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Hard-Boiled Babe
18. T. Rex - The Wizard
19. Zom Zoms - Wake of Zom Zoms
20. The Horrors - Sheena Is A Parasite
21. Slowdive - Blue Skied An' Clear

plus mystery songs!
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more mixes for you

this one is the goodbye austin mix, like the others is all mixed together you can stream and download it on the link below, here is the tracklist

1. DDamage - subsea
2. Gang Gang Dance - God's Money III
3. Sister Vanilla - Jamcolas
4. Dinosaur Jr - Crumble
5. Fog - Pneumonia
6. Butthole Surfers - I Love You Peggy
7. Orange Juice - Upwards and Onwards
8. Ed Lawes - Oohs Pastiche
10. White Stripes - When I Hear My Name
11. dDamage - On Prescinct 13
12. Electrelane - To The East
13. Sparks - Fletcher Honorama
14. Sister Vanilla - What Goes Around
15. Iron & Wine - Naked As We Came
16. (mystery song aka i forgot)
17. Panda Bear - Search For Delicious
18. Papercuts - Outside Looking In
19. Fridge - Tone Guitar and Drum Noises

Xmas Present Mix Pt 2 (click link to download or stream)

this mix is like the other one it is all one mp3 mixed together but seeing as how much time it took to find the precise time in which each song started and ended with the super crazy awesome mix, ill present you with just the tracklisting and you can figure that out if you really want

The Isolation Mix

1.Silent Hill Excerpt - Letter to Laura/Flexus Intro - Restless
2.Sonic Youth - Junkie's Promise
3.Devendra Banhart - I Feel Just Like a Child
4.Ddamage - Aeroplanes
5.Dj Krush - Bypath 2
6.Prefuse 73 - Hideyaface Reprise(Shaolin Finale)/Silent Hill Excerpt - Laura Prayer/Mary Suffocation
7.Panda Bear - Take Pills
8.Bjork - All Neon Like(Lonny Lord Mix)
9.Butthole Surfers - U.S.S.A.
10.Halopain Mashup - Daniel Johnston - Devil Town + Coastal - London in February
11.T-Rex - Cosmic Dancer
12.Gang of Four - At Home He's a Tourist
13.Devo - Freedom of Choice
14.Silent Hill OST - Heads #2/Sun
15.Two Lone Swordsmen - It Hits
16.The Animals - Gonna Send You Back To Walker
17.Two Lone Swordsmen - Brother Foster Through the Phones/Palais Munich
18.Black Dice - Things Will Never Be the Same/Endless Happiness
19.Slowdive - When the Sun Hits

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Merry Xmas - Presents for you (mixes for download)

The Super Crazy Awesome Mix (this mix is 1 file mixed into a dj set)
00:00 - 02:28 Paranoia Agent Closing Theme Lullabye
01:53 - 06:14 Aphex Twin - To Cure a Weakling Child(contour regard)
05:27 - 12:44 Ulrich Schnauss - Stars
12:23 - 16:50 The Smiths - Miserable Lie
16:49 - 20:11 Pavement - Fame Throwa
19:29 - 22:07 T-Rex - The Soul of My Suits
21:52 - 25:44 M.I.A. - The Turn
25:26 - 26:21 Lightning Bolt - Hello Morning
26:05 - 28:08 Numbers - At The Mall
28:03 - 33:09 AFX - Fenix Funk
32:47 - 37:23 Chrome - Perfumed Metal
37:12 - 40:15 Cry Blood Apache - Master of Quarantine
39:55 - 51:03 Cocaine Music For Republicans - Suicidal Grandmothers
50:10 - 54:02 Holger Czukay - Good Morning Story
54:00 - 57:17 Celebration - War
57:07 - 61:48 Grizzly Bear - Knife(Girl Talk Remix)
61:41 - 65:57 Add N to X - All Night Lazy
65:36 - 68:22 The Prima Donnas - Yr So Cool
68:18 - 71:53 Yip Yip - Slime Shuns Sun Shine
71:18 - 75:12 Clockcleaner - 2 Vomiting Mirrors
75:05 - 79:01 Liars - Plaster Casts of Everything
78:40 - 84:43 Cibo Matto - Theme(only the last segment of the song)

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can't remember if i did one of these or not? *shrugs* =D

Name: Raven
Age: 19
Location: Cordova, TN; USA
Sex: Female
Favourite Bands: ehh..so many! Kittie, KoRn, Tupac, Cannibal Corpse, Britney Spears....sorry, I listen to everything. Literally. There is nothing that I do not like♥ =]
Most embarrassing music phase you went through: None. I still listen to everything from country to death metal to gangsta rap. =D
Most underrated band that we should check out: the Apex Theory =D ...o.O and Bitch Alert. They're not very famous, but they are AMAZING. go look for em on myspace & youtube =D
Write something witty here: So um...I always thought that dogs..um..laid eggs! I learned something today!