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Broadway here we come!

Is there gonna be a revival in broadway soon or at least a national tour?

I missed it when it was around and would like to see a really good production of it.

I had a ticket in the 1990's when it was in SF but sold it because of money matters.

On a side note....there is a contest for a paid trip to new york....

See details.

I’m “auditioning“ for the National Tour of A Chorus Line’s Be the One competition, and I need your help! The 8 dancers who get the most votes will win an exclusive prize package, including tickets to A Chorus Line.

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Please ask your friends to help me spread the word if don't mind :)


Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga has always been my favourite performer... she sings like no one else can, and she projects like no other... Her sweat yet powerful voice captures my heart everytime i hear her sing, not to mention her very pleasing beauty from the inside out... She's just phenomenal... it's not a shock that the world has been captivated by her presence...

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hello i'm new here. just watched miss saigon two weeks ago, the australian tour here in sydney. IT WAS AWESOME!. Laurie was good, although nothing beats Ms. Lea (though i haven't seen her live as Kim, she's the best Kim based on her performances i've seen in youtube) she was a really good sucessor to the original and the chris David Harris is actually better than the original, i know its a strong statement i'm saying here but yeah i didn't really like the original Chris, mom even said the same thing, coz she saw the original prod. Leo Valdez was awesome as the engineer, the stand out actually. but yeah it is so awesome, but now that i've seen it, i've got  one question in my head that bugs me, it's more of a 'what if' actually, so this made me wonder:

 what if during the time when Kim went to Chris' hotel it wasn't Ellen she met and saw Chris instead, would she have taken a suicide? I mean no doubt Chris loves Ellen, he even picked her but then again something tells me that he was only 'sure' which one to pick because he haven't seen Kim for years. But he's grieved when Kim died it wasn't a grief of a friend but more of a lover, but what i'm saying is if he had talked to Kim and if Kim did not meet Ellen first would there be a chance of reconcilliation between Kim and Chris? after all they have a son together? if he was able to talked to Kim would he be able to have that guts to tell her he's remarried or probably once he sees Kim again he would be confuse and olf feelings rush in and he'd take her in his arms would that have happened? i don't know. what do you guys think i need these questions in my head to be answered, i mean i know we'll never know but i know fans are entitled to what they think plus some people in this community have actually over analyse Miss Saigon and probably have at least an idea of what the possible answers may be. so can you guys answer my questions i know it's a lot but i really am curious of what people think about this.
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Miss Saigon in Los Angeles

I heard from a friend that Miss Saigon will be playing in Los Angeles next weekend at the Luckman Theatre in Cal State LA.

I checked out their website and it's not there. Yet, my friend claims she saw a poster for it in Hollywood. Can anyone confirm this? I'd really like to see Miss Saigon again!

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i'm new. :)
my high school is doing miss saigon for our spring musical. :)
i'm the chorus and i'm sooo excited.
i love the music so much and i'm excited to see how it's going to turn out.
we had to tune down some of the lyrics and things but it's all good.
it should be an amazing production. :)
my favorite song is definetly bui-doi. :)
and that's about it.
Les Mis

Newbe :D

hey all, I'm new to LiveJournal so I thought Id join a community because I dont have many friends on this and what better community to join than a musical one. I LOVE miss saigon and anyone else who does is a friend in my eyes :D. The songs are so amazing and really jampacked with emotion. My favourite line in the whole show is "Chris will come to me like the phoenix, and he'll take me up on his wing" it gives me shivers everytime I hear it.You dont actually realise how powerfull the songs are and how deep you have to be in your character until you act them. I sang "I'd give my life for you" in an auditon for MT4Uth and the director hot-seated me on what was happening then told me loads about what was dangerous about kim's escape etc. and then said to put it into the words I was singing, that was VERY difficult because there was so much to take into account. It's such an amazing musical and I wish I was able to have a chance of being in it when I was older but sadly thats not going to happen. Is there anyone else here who wants and dreams of a career in musical theatre? thats enough speaking about me, I feel like I'm rambling(which is probably true) please leave a wee comment and tell me bout yourselves etc.
Luv Noo
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Greetings all, just introducing myself. I'm new to the community, and a pretty new Miss Saigon fan, in fact. I'll admit it. I'm a newb. *shrugs* I didn't really know what I was getting into when I first picked up the sountrack, except that since I'm obsessed with Les Mis, I trust Boublil and Schonberg, and that I love Lea Salonga, so I trust her in a leading role.

Soooo yeah. I'm Abby, and I'm just starting to get into Miss Saigon. =D *waves*
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Hi everyone!!
my name is serena, and i haven't actually seen the touring show or on bway, but my school is doing it. we will be the first in the state of new york!!
im really excited...opening night is this friday!!

im just in the ensemble, but it's ok, because im a freshman adn this is a really difficult show. plus, my friends are the leads ;)

i just came back from "marathon Sunday" (1-11). it was intense, but its coming together well. Its hard to do a show this big on a school budget...

wish us luck!!