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Name?: Meredith

How old are you?: Fourteen

Single,Taken,Sleeping Around: Taken, although "taken" sounds kind of hostagelike. Hmm. Kinky.

Are you a boy or a girl?: Girl

Backround stuff: I'm a freshman in high school, I dance, I'm obsessed with photoshop...I adore music and art...but if I continue like this I'll bore you to death! I'll just fill out the rest ;)



color: I go through colour phases, but right now I really like red. Dark-ish, crimson red.

store: Tower Records for selection, McKays (used music store) for price and vintageosity.

candy: M&Ms. Plain. I lust after them sometimes.

what do u listen to?: I like alternative, old-school (sex pistols, the clash, the rolling stones, the doors), obscure and semi-obscure bands (the smithereens, the dandy warhols) and some mainstream stuff (Train, Jet, U2).

hobbies: Dance, photoshop, writing, reading, spending too much time on the computer, academic team

drink: FuFu Berry Jones Soda. drool.

place: In my room listening to music, or in my tree in the backyard

thing: My thick red wool cable-knit socks. Oooo, they make me very happy.

what are your turn-ons?: Physically, I'm a sucker for curly hair and blue eyes. Otherwise, anyone who can carry on a coherent and interesting conversation.
what turns you off?: I can be turned off? I'm a machine! Amazing! No, really, I hate condescending/domineering people, and extreme introverts, and people who pretend to be "troubled" when they lead a privileged life.
pet peeves?: See above, and crowded elevators....
tell us a secret?: I have seventeen toes. No. I don't. I'm a compulsive liar. No. I'm not. ;)
most embarressing momment(not from the 5th grade...):
what are you wearing right now?...: Pink sweatshirt, blue jeans, white socks. I won't detail my underwear for you ;)
make me laugh..: Wow. That's demanding. Turn on some Comedy Central if you want a laugh.


Drugs: They can mess with you, but if you want to make that choice, you'll have to suffer the consequences.
Britney Spears: I liked her when I was in the fifth grade, back in her squeaky-clean bubble-gum teeny phase. I'm a Slave 4U began the spiral down. When she went all Madonna, she lost her sparkle. When she got married in Vegas...she lost everything to me.
Pre-Marital Sex: If you think you're emotionally, mentally and physically ready, then it's your choice. But if there's a baby as a result and it's mistreated...that's a big, big mistake.
Love at first sight: There can be lust at first sight, "I think you're beautiful" at first sight, but I do believe in love at first conversation.
Your best Friend: Is fading, is mysterious, but is still closer than a sister to me.
The family: My sister drives me up the wall, but I love her anyway. My mom and dad push me to do my best, and I'm grateful to them for that. They've helped me through hard times and shared in my successes, and I can go against the angsty teenage populace and say I like them a lot.

Buisness: Buisness? Wow. I love typos sometimes, and I hate them sometimes. Right now they're just plain funny, because I cannot type either.

Promote us at 4 LJ user pages: Your HTML code doesn't show up on my computer, but if I can get it I'll promote. I'm horrible at HTML!

Promote us in a community(if your not in one..thats okay): See above ;)

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