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Houses as ruins and gardens as weeds...

Why do anything when you can forget everything?

<Dazed, amused, amazed, confused>
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"Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen... and then there are those of us who wonder what the hell just happened."

This is a community for anybody who just doesn't know what to do with themselves. Do you find yourself often wondering around the place humming the tune to some stupid commercial? Have you been watching repeats? Find yourself creating random lj communities at 3 in the morning? *ahem*

Do you often find yourself wondering what is going on in the world and why? Frustrated by other people's ignorant opinions and blind faith? Any interesting stories to tell? Uninteresting ones?

While everyone around you enthusiastically talks about the next step they're going to take to get closer to that career, which country they want to visit next or what they are going to call their kids, do you find yourself sinking into your seat? Not even sure what you'll fancy for dinner?

Are you a dreamer with high aspirations of which you can't quite identify? Do you want something from life but you're not sure what? Can't be bothered to figure it out?

Do you set your mood icon to "confused", "discontent", "depressed" or "lethargic" just a little too often?

Join this community! All are welcome to post pictures, stories of woe and/or triumph, opinions, philosophys, ideas, plans or lack there of.


* No judgements*
* When you join, please make a post to say hello/ a little something about yourself just so we know we have new members.*
* That's it. I'm not much of a rulemaker.*

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