I'm Nowah! I don't do very much, mainly because I have no arms or legs, because I'm just an oblong with a head. If that makes no sense to you, maybe you should check out my journal. Or not, if you'd rather. I'm used to being ignored.

Bye bye!
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Hi everyone, I'm new here. I hope I am a member okay, I'm not very good at stuff like this. Guess I've got "confused" covered.

I'm Bec, 20 years old, from UK. Just finished my University Degree. I have no idea what I want to do now, apart from be a writer. Job-hunting isn't going well. I haven't got the ability to think much more than a week ahead, and I have a shortish attention span.

Not sure what else to put really!
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(no subject)

I searched for "nothing" and found this community.
After reading the profile I decided to join.
I'm Natalie. Nice to meet you all i'm sure.
I'm effortless, blank and clueless today so i'll leave it at that :]

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Girlfriend of a year breaks up with you: check
No family to speak of, friends few and far between: check
Meaningless, unsatisfying job: check

How do people deal with this? Because I really don't get how to combat this constant feeling of bleakness.


I just joined so i thought i would make an introduction post.
Im sarah 17 from melbourne, Australia.
I'm really interested in art type things, and i think i'm fairly creative.
I like painting, drawing and photography when i can be botherd.
At the moment i'm try to learn to play the accoustic guitar. Needless to say i am not so great at it. But it's fun and it makes me happy.
I thought i would join this community because i read a couple entries and i thought that this community would be great to join.
I don't really do much with my life. Just random boring stuff.
Not very entertaining.
Most of the time i just try to study and learn new things.
so theres my intro :)
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Howdy doody

Greetings to you, strange and oddly shaped earth creatures!

My name is Courtney. I'm 18 years old and I live in Melbourne, Australia. Let's see... there's not much to say about me; and to be honest, I kind of like it that way. I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent, but then most people do think that of themselves. I'm not very educated, as I had to leave school because of severe depression. I'm planning to go back next year, fingers crossed. I'm a big fan of Buffy *hides face*. I enjoy philosophical discussions, and I'm an athiest. I'm also very bored, and extremely lonely at this point in my life. I feel very estranged from those I once thought I was close to. Hence me being here, talking to you, and describing myself.

I might be around here a lot, or I might never post again *shrug*


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College kills me... again.

I spent today with my best friend because she is leaving tomorrow morning for college. We are going to different schools and I still don't leave for another month... I haven't spent more than a week apart from her in almost 4 years. We've never been overly-emotional together, I didn't cry saying goodbye this evening, but I don't know how I'm going to cope alone.

I know I have other friends, but they aren't her and it's NOT the same.
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The story so far is that I have been away from home volunteering across Canada for 9 months, and now I've been thrown back like an unwanted fish. I have no idea what to do next, so I have been spending all my time sewing, not going outside, screwing up my sleep patterns and cooking. I've been home for over a month now and I am still like this. My motivation level is nil. When I talk to my friends - my ticket out of the house - they are either worried about me or are busy doing something else. I blame everything but myself: the fact that the town is too small to support interesting or fulfilling occupations, the weather, the friends who grew distant while I was away... You name it, I will put the blame there.

Oh yeah, and I'm Lindsay, I'm 18 and I'm from British Columbia. Nice to meet you.