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Please don't look too close at me

You may not like what you see

haters, skeptics, and sneerers
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Anybody , Moderated
This community is home to people who like to argue with one other, listen to good music, read good books, watch good movies, and bitch about stuff. Topics can be as serious as pro-life vs. pro-choice, as obvious as why the red sox are better than the yankees, or as pointless as crayons vs. colored pencils.
The rules are as follows:

1. post only comments that have substance and can lead to an actual debate/conversation. Don't just pop up and say "hey what's going on?" or whatever the devil it is that people say when they have no intellegent comment.
2. don't send me comments about "so-so said i was a dumbass, this person should be banned because they think i'm a moron for enjoying watching The Sorority Life" or things of that nature. People can say whatever they want. (though try and keep extreme racial insults to yourself)This is an anti-censorship community
3. this isn't a place to come if you just want to make friends. here, you may make friends, but you may also make enemies.
4. at least attempt having an open mind, and a sense of humor.

In your first post state your position on these 5 popular controvertial topics:
1. Abortion
2. Your political party of choice
3. The death penalty
4. Stem cell research
5. Same sex marriage

Please also state your name, your age, the kind of person you hate most, the kind of person you love most, your favorite celebrity, what you biggest dream is, and your religion.

You will not be accepted or rejected just because your opinions differ then ours. This is just so we have verification that you are not an idiot and that you can supposrt basic ideas. It also lets us see up front the diversity in this community.

PS The moderators of this site suck at spelling and quick typing. Don't bitch at us about typos.