Member Survey (Happy Thanksgiving!)

1. Name: C.J
2. Location: Nashville
3. Other favorite artists: Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Paramore (I know they're not country, but I couldn't help myself. hehe!), Keith Urban, Lady A., and tons more!
4. Age: 21
5. Comments: It's so awesome to see a community for Miranda! And I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!
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    "White Liar" by Miranda Lambert.

Miranda Lambert contest

Hey guys,

Thought you’d love this as much as I did. There’s a contest going on to design a poster for Miranda Lambert, and the winner gets to meet her in person! They also get a signed copy of her new cd (I can’t wait to hear it, I loooved Kerosene)! It looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun, my favorite so far is the one w/ the black and white pic and red background.  

~ Laura



NM survey

i haven't done this yet so here it is: 

Name: andrea
Age: 20
Location: Texas
Hobbies: computer, sorority, anything...
Favorite Ran Song: What about Georiga?
Other Bands/Singers You Like: Carrie Underwood, rascal flatts, kenny, shania, anything POP, yellow card, I listen to EVERYTHINg
Any Suggestions for the Community?: more graphics!....:-D
What Would You Like to Get Out of This Community?: information on how to access meet and greets meet friends with my interest etc

Any Other Comments?
: Not today maybe some other day :-D

  • sgkr0x

New member

Name: Kahn
Age: 16
Location: Singapore
Hobbies: Music
Favorite Ran Song: Kerosene
Other Bands/Singers You Like: Shannon Brown, Sugarland, Shedaisy, Steve Holy, Chris Young
Any Suggestions for the Community?: Not much now
What Would You Like to Get Out of This Community?: Miranda's stuff duh lol, it'd be fun
Any Other Comments?: Nope