Miranda July


Just saw Jesus' Son, and may I say there needed to be way more Miranda July in that movie
But I loved her in it soooooo much. She is magic!

It's also a really worth wild movie if you haven't seen it.
Lots of interesting cameos.

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Met miranda in brooklyn last week at the release party for her book learning to love you more. She was so much more beautiful than i thought she would be in person and witty as hell
here's a video from that encounter (she didnt want any of my pez :(

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So I've been getting to read some of the stories in the book.

So amazing and like-Miranda. I could totally picture her writing those. They are very similar to the way she talks.

"The Swim Team" is def. one of my favorites.

~ nic

the amateurist and other films

i hope i don't get anyone in trouble by doing this, but a lot of these are pretty hard to come by and vdb is selling the comp dvd for some INSANE amount of money. anyway, just found these on strange russian websites.

*atlanta (1996): http://community.livejournal.com/miranda_july_ru/tag/miranda+july+shorts+-+atlanta
*the amateurist (1998): http://rutube.ru/tracks/57940.html
*nest of tens (2000): http://rutube.ru/tracks/60131.html

hope you enjoy!

The Moves

I know someone posted that thing of The Next Big Thing broadcasts Miranda did but the quality was pretty bad and I was wondering if anyone has a better quality version of "The Moves"...I'm using it for a homework assignment so I've been trying to find one.