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no talking

one more...

Posted by a_renunciation on 2008.04.10 at 21:09
"There are two movies I saw on TV about boys who were taken from their families and then returned to them years later. One boy was on a fun spaceship for years and the other boy was kidnapped and molested. These boys were never the same again and they just couldn't re-integrate into the family. I saw these movies when I was little. I've often described them to people, always paired together. They are sort of the comedy and tragedy version of the same story and it is a mundanely spiritual story. Getting Stronger Every Day includes these boys' tales, but they are like mystical objects placed on the living reality of the man storyteller. In other parts of the movie actual mystical objects hover in peoples lives without a myth or story attached. I like to think about how these dimensions interact simply and can be enacted: real life / story / worldly / spirit / video / flat drawing."
—Miranda July


fizzkinz at 2008-04-11 14:24 (UTC) (Link)
yeah, this is also a really nice one. Always love the huge cat on the bed.

Have you seen the rest of her short films?
Some time ago, someone posted a semi-all inclusive "where to find" thread.
I think Atlanta is easy to find, but I bought it all the same
The Amateurist and Nest of Tens aren;t online to my knowledge. But I highly recommend them.
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