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  • The new Ming+FS track "Hellion" will be featured in Sony's PS2 game Wipeout Pure. For a full list of tracks and producers check the Official Playstation site.

  • EA Sports has licensed Ming+FS' "Fish Eyes" for their FIFA Street series. For a full listing of tracks check FIFA Soccer Gaming.
  • Ming+FS cook up some new music for CSI NY and write the opening theme for a new TLC show entitled "Travel Spies".
  • ESPN's Tilt series features two tracks produced Ming+FS and their protégés Northern League.

From the car to Denver

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If I still lived in Denver, I'd be sad that I missed an opportunity to see Ming and FS at the Fox Theater last Wednesday.
I'd be pissed to find out I missed a chance to see them in Fort Collins on Thursday.
And if I didn't make it to see them tonight in Colorodo Springs, I might consider suicide.

I kid.
But damn. Did they play so often and within such a close vicinity when they were in Florida last August?
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New albums

Has anyone picked up "Back to One" or heard their new promo "Heightened Security"?

I love Heightened Security. It is such a great blend of hip hop, drum and bass..it gives me tingles! I love the first track, it's from the tune Hurricane by Mos Def, and I love me some Mos Def!
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Just wanted to make sure everyone knew about the remaining tour dates...DON'T MISS THIS!!


09.11.2004 Back To One Tour
Ming+FS w/MC Napoleon Solo
More Artist TBA  San Francisco, CA
DNA Lounge 

09.12.2004 Back To One Tour
Robert Walters 20th Century Congress
Ming+FS w/MC Napoleon Solo  Arcata, CA
Humboldt State 

09.13.2004 Back To One Tour
Ming+FS w/MC Napoleon Solo  Vancouver B.C.
The Cellar Night Club 

09.15.2004 Back To One Tour
Ming+FS w/MC Napoleon Solo  Bend, OR
The Grove 

09.16.2004 Back To One Tour
Ming+FS w/MC Napoleon Solo
DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid Portland, OR
Ash St. 

09.17.2004 Back To One Tour
Ming+FS w/MC Napoleon Solo
Mocean Worker  Seattle, WA
Chop Suey 

09.18.2004 Back To One Tour
Ming+FS w/MC Napoleon Solo  Eugene, OR
Eugene Celebration
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for anyone that stumbles in here (and I hope there is a few), I just want to say thanks for supporting such a great duo. Fred and Aaron are two inspiring people when it comes to music, mainly, b/c their personal taste is ALL OVER the board. It shines thru in their music, but I don't believe it even touches what they enjoy listening to on a daily basis. I'm all about diversity in every part of life, and music is the one area where you can really let yourself go...and be open to anything. I'm all about that.

Anywho, enough ridiculous mooshy shit.

Does anyone have their new album, Back to One?