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Hey there cuties!

I bear some icons, that i love.
well, I know i do, becasue I made one of my friend, who has awesome wriste bands and a wicked cool guitar.

Because I love boy meets world. and Cory is love.
he's just soooo cute when he's little. <333333333333333333333
I love his sister too :)

I kinda like this one.
nuf said.

My allll time favorite.
thsi is geoff, my friend who has wicked cool wrist bands and a rockin guitar.
He sweats with his sweatbands, and skateboards.
Um.. Lauren scares him.. becasue she sings to him, or sings everything he says back. which gets him a little fed up,
but hes pretty cool overall.
So, love this icon. (=
Oh and my apssion isn't for him :P. my friends wonder that, but its HIS passion for the guitar. lol!

Thats all for now, lovelies!
<3333 much love.
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