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My post!

First one in a while.

Its a poem. I posted it in The comm Wishes_inc.
But I thought maybe someone would care to hear it?

Your choise..

The lighting up above
Just flickered and went out
My voice now dull, all numb and bone
All for scream and shout.

A corner street all alone
So quiet and content
My feet so weary with the hold
My legs had held all spent.

Merry a song, I hear above
A tune from high in god’s acre.
Whispering a little tune
Play your song, Mr. Rain Maker.

A song too light I wade along
I strain in closer to hear
When the dewlets touch my faded hand
I have nothing left to fear.

The thunders heaves a heavy song
And rain comes crashing down.
If I do not flee this dreaded place
I fear I may just drown.

Holding my breath and running along
I hear a tainted voice
An angel’s breath hangs in the air
And to the gods, rejoice.

A hymn unfolds from my voice
As I being to pray
The world stands still, a moment now
Parting under skies so gray.
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