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Referencing back to Anni's post about promoting...

Use the promotion banners..there are two of your choice at the moment...when i have more time after my stupid exams, i'll be working hard on prettying up this comm...PROMISE!

Anyway...graphics update later...STUPID GEOGRAPHY! BAHLFJSALFSJFLSJF!

<3 Karrie
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Hello everybody. I've just joined and thought I would share my two favorite pictures with you. But first off:

Name: Liza
Occupation: Student/Yearbookie :D

Alright, I took these pictures, one of a digital camera, one on a disposable, and they happened to come out really cool looking. The first is from a concert. Anyone who can guess the band gets a cookie or something. The second is from the Battle of the Bands we had at my school, I was the yearbook staff member to photograph it.


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Would anyone mind posting information on places you know you can post theM?

I don't have many people.

You can find a link picture thing * can not remeber what they are called* made one by me and one by Karrie (<3).

I would MUCHO appricate it.

I love you all..


Fallen Love from me and Bunny's Love tree.
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