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Hallo everyone.

I see this community is quite dead. :B I am glad to see that this is a milk lovers community, I have drunk milk every day of my life with no signs of stopping!

I usually drink 2% or 1% milk, I don't like to drink skim because it tastes too..watery in my taste (my grandmother loves it though and uses it in her cooking) and I don't like whole milk because it's too rich for me.

In addition to milk, I also love ice cream and cheese and I can't think of a day where I am not having one dairy product or another.

I am a lactoholic. :B
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(no subject)

a community my milk loving friends might be interested in:


because who could ever go without the lovely taste of a cow's breast secretion?
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Dairy quiz.

I have a few heifers but no cows right now. Do sell dairy supplies help with that though. here is a dairy quiz in a dairy magazine called progressive dairyman based out of Jerome Idaho.

1. in 1999 how many countries produced dairy products?
d all 193

2. Which animal produces most of the milk in the world?

a. cow
b. Water Buffalo
c. Yak.

3. When did China introduce a glass of milk every day to every child in school?

a. 1949
b. 1969
c. 1995
d. 2000

4. Which country is the biggest exporter of dairy products?

a. United States
b. New Zealand
c. Canada
d. India

5. In wich country do people consume the most water buffalo milk?

a. China
b. India
c. Argentina
d. Zimbabwe

6. What is the most popular specialized dairy breed in the world?

a. Brown Swiss
b. Holstein
c. Jersey
d. Zebu

7. Which country produces the most cow milk in the world?

a. India
b. United States
c. Australia
d. Netherlands

8. Which country consumes the most cow milk per capita in the world?

a. Germany
b. Australia
c. Finland
d. United States

9. Were was cheese invented

a. United States
b. Middle east
c. Africa
d. Europe

10. How many cattle breeds exist

a. 25
b. 75
c. 110
d. more than 140

11. Which of the following animals in not milked for human use?

a. Llama
b. Goat
c. Sheep
d. Horse
e. Donkey
f. Reindeer
g. pig

These are the answers. Those that choose to can guess the answer in the comments. I will give it later if no one gets it rigth.
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(no subject)

i can tell you guys one thing. the dairy industry is so much better in the UK than it is in the US. milk in the US is so pasteurised and homogenised, it just tastes... weird.

but i am addicted to milk, i go through at least a quart a day, if not more. i like whole milk, but some times semi-skimmed is better. Has anyone ever had jersey cream milk (gold top). it's got like a layer of cream on top, and is awesome on cereal, but also just to drink. currently i have a pint glass of milk sitting on my desk, i'm savouring it though.

i am so glad i found this community, because everyone looks at me like a freak when i order milk at a restaraunt. sometimes i wish there was an alcoholic milk, so i could get drunk while drinking tasty, delicious milk.

what's your favourite biscuit or cookie to dunk in milk? personally i like malted milks, or oreos.


Piss off! (Tank Girl)

I've found my new home...!

     2% milk is my life and my love.

     I was just thinking about this, if there were pubs that were dedicated completely to milk.  Imagine, buying milk by the pint.  What could be more spectacular?  :)

     Look what I've gone and done -- got myself all worked up for a big heaping helping of the ''white gold.''

     Toodle-pip, all!

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