Zoe (joeygriffin13) wrote in _mickmars_,

Hey I'm Zoe! The reason I joined this community is because Mick Mars is probably my biggest guitar idol and the Crue are my favourite band. I've been playing for roughly 3 years and Mick has always been an inspiration, especially in terms of solos. I'm currently trying to teach myself some Motley solos and so far I've almost mastered Homesweet Home. Another reason I look upto Mick is because he still manages to rock despite his illnesses :)

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    just joined the other day, and i have to say: mick is the only member of the crue who never fucking sold out. he doesn't have a clothing line, or…

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    Is anyone else going to the show at Jones Beach tonight? If you are, look out for a chick with leopard pants, dark hair, pale skin, lots of tatts…

  • (no subject)

    I just wanted to say hi. Mick is awesome as hell, and one of my favorite guitarists ever. He doesn't get as much credit as he deserves, which is sad,…

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