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8/16 has finally come!!!!

Is anyone else going to the show at Jones Beach tonight? If you are, look out for a chick with leopard pants, dark hair, pale skin, lots of tatts (not as many as the Crue)at (silver with a pink iron cross... OK, slightly on the girly side), either wearing a pink & black lace tank or the Shout at the Devil shirt, depending how cold it gets, and moto boots or something with a huge fuckin' heel on it. Leopard handbag. Tons of makeup. 8th row center with my 17-yr old brother who isn't embarassed of going with his Crue Slut 22-yr. old sister.

Yeah, walk up to me and tell me which community you're from. And give a what's up to Simone (that's my nickname) and my bro, Alex.

x-posted to almost every Crue community (sowwy!)

<3 ya!

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